How to Find a Person by Mobile Number

If you have ever received a strange phone call from an anonymous phone number, then you will want to find a way to find out who called you. If the person used a land line phone, or a standard phone, you may be able to find out who it is for free using the operator or a look-up service.

But if it was a mobile phone, you will need to take some special steps to find out who called you and where they are located.

Write the phone number on a piece of paper before you begin the search process. Anything can happen to a mobile phone that could cause the phone number to be lost forever.

Find an internet website dedicated to reverse lookup for mobile phone numbers. The search will cost you because mobile phone numbers are considered to be private and unlisted phone numbers, so finding out information through an internet search will require the search company to release important information. The fee should be less than £13 for a single look up, and some services offer a more expensive option that will get you a complete report on the mobile phone owner's personal information. Have your computer firewall and virus protection software on when you go to these sites. See Resources for links to some lookup sites.

Some of the information you receive may not be accurate. Mobile phone providers lease service from other providers in order to expand their network. This can sometimes create misinformation on a reverse lookup. Prepaid mobile phones can also cause inaccurate information to appear. In some cases these phones are not registered to the user, or they are being used by someone other than the registered owner.