How to Clean Satin Ballet Shoes

Giving a strong ballet performance is based on appearance. Just as it is important for the dance steps to be in correct form, it is also essential that the performer's outfit offer the best presentation possible.

Clean satin ballet slippers will keep all attention on the performance rather than on slippers that are an eyesore from practice and wear.

Begin the cleaning process by brushing off any surface dirt with the dry cloth. Next, fill the sink or bowl with cool water and add the correct amount of detergent.

Plunge the shoes into the cool water. Be careful not to twist them, as this can cause them to lose their proper shape. Allow to soak for at least fifteen minutes, or longer depending on the depth of the stain. If necessary, use a cloth to gently buff out the stains.

Once the slippers are clean, rinse them under running water until no soap bubbles appear as you squeeze them. Do not wring them, just apply gentle pressure. Next, lay them on the towel to finish drying.