How to repair matted faux fur

Creatas/Creatas/Getty Images

Good quality faux fur --- a synthetic, less expensive alternative to animal fur --- looks as nice and feels as soft as real fur without the guilt. Most faux fur garments are sensitive to heat and moisture, and manufacturers will usually label them "dry clean only." Sadly, one accidental machine washing can result in a frayed, matted appearance. Some people have found success restoring the fluffy fur-like appearance after an unfortunate laundry room mishap.

Air dry the garment until it's completely dry.

Turn on the blow dryer and depress the "cool" button. Hot air may cause further, irreparable damage to the faux fur.

Hold a hairbrush in your other hand and gently brush the fur in every direction. Direct a stream of cool air over the faux fur as you brush.

Continue brushing and blowing cool air until you untangle and fluff all the fur. Repeat if necessary.

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