How to Clean Suede Trainers

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Athletes use training shoes to help prevent injury and to support their feet when they are training for a specific event. Trainers come in a wide variety of colours, styles and materials. During normal usage and normal wear and tear, your shoes can become dirty and stained. Suede is a common material used to make trainers. Suede fabric has a rough, textured surface that is supple and harder to clean than regular leather. Suede shoes are usually treated with chemicals to help make them stain resistant, but they will still eventually need to be cleaned.

Brush the shoes with a suede brush or a hard wire brush to remove any loose dirt or surface dirt.

Blot the surface of the shoes with a soft towel or paper towel if the stain is still wet. Leave the towel on the stain until it dries. This will soak up a large portion of the stain and help to prevent water marks.

Apply a few teaspoons of white wine vinegar to a washcloth and rub gently on the stain in a circular motion. Allow the vinegar to dry to see if the stain is gone. You may need to repeat the process to completely remove the stain.

Apply a leather cleaner that is made specifically for suede. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Dry clean your trainers every few months to help keep them clean.

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