How to Decorate a Cake for a 60th Birthday

A 60th birthday party is a very special occasion, and it should be celebrated with an equally special cake. Don't settle for the usual birthday cake decorated with flowers around the edges and a happy birthday wish in the centre.

Create a statement by decorating your loved one's 60th birthday cake in a unique way, and your cake will be sure to be the hit of the party.

Frost the cake in black or a dark brown. Leave the top completely plain, and cram 60 birthday candles onto it. To do this, your cake will probably need to be a sheet cake. This simple idea makes quite a statement and is great for "over-the-hill" parties.

Get a toy car in the style that the birthday person had as a first car as a teenager. Create a road out of frosting by simply smoothing a path down the middle of the cake with a spatula. Use a tube of yellow frosting to create lines down the centre of the road. Place the car on the cake, and use a tube of frosting to write: "60 going on 16".

Frost the cake simply, but instead of writing the person's name on the cake, fill it with all of his or her nicknames, such as "Gramps," "Pop Pop" and "Grouchy."

Make a retirement or hobby-themed cake. For example, if the birthday person likes to golf, create a putting green on the cake using green frosting, green sprinkles and black frosting for the hole. Make a flag using a skewer, tape and paper.

Create a naughty cake for that all-adult 60th birthday party. Write, "Sixty is Sexy!" on the top and decorate with the sexy-themed toys of your choice.