How to find classmates for free

With today's technology, it is fairly easy to find classmates for free. There are several websites where you can search for and locate classmates without spending any money. You can also look for help from your high school or college alumni associations.

If you are in charge of a high school or college reunion, it may no longer be necessary to hire a company to find your classmates. You may be able to easily do this for free.

Sign up for a free account on websites such as, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These are all social networking sites where you can find your classmates for free. Signing up for an account is easy and quick. It only takes more time if you want to set up your profile, which you can do at any time. You don't have to do it when you first sign up for the account.

Use e-mail addresses, high school name and graduation year, first and last name and location to find your classmates for free on these sites. For example, on Facebook, if you want to search for a classmate, you click on the link "Find Friends." This will take you to a screen with several options for searching. One way to find friends is to give Facebook access to your e-mail address book. At the bottom of the "Find Friends" page, you will see a link to search in Facebook for your high school graduating class or your college graduating class. There will also be a blank field for you to search for a first and last name. Once you are more active on Facebook, the website starts suggesting people you may know. The other social networking sites use very similar search methods to find classmates for free.

Create a group on these social networking sites. Creating a group is easy if you have an account. You can create a group such as Smithton High School Graduating Class of 1990. Then, when classmates are searching these sites, they may find your group before you find them. They can join the group, and since you were the creator, the social networking site will contact you and let you know that someone joined your group (or wants to join if you have a "closed" group). These types of groups work well to find classmates who do not use their real name on these sites or maybe to find a woman who is using her married name instead of her maiden name.

Start a blog for your high school or college graduating class to find your classmates for free. You can use Blogger to easily create a blog. The web address in the Resources section of this article will take you to the website where you can get started. Blogger's template is easy to use, and you do not have to know html coding to make posts. You can write posts every day about high school memories or plans for upcoming reunions or college homecoming gatherings. You can ask classmates to leave comments so you can find them, or you can post an e-mail address or phone number where they can reach you. If your classmates are searching for their high school or college, they will find your blog and get connected to you and your other classmates for free.

Contact your high school alumni or college alumni association. Many of your classmates may subscribe to a newsletter or send donations to these groups. The alumni association may be able to help you find classmates for free by contacting all classmates from your graduation year or making an announcement on their home page. Once you start finding your classmates for free with these social networking sites or your alumni association, ask them to contact other classmates they keep in contact with so you can find as many classmates for free as possible.