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Birthday cake ideas for 2 year olds

Updated February 21, 2017

Turning 2 years old is a milestone. A child is no longer a baby but is still exploring, learning and growing. Birthday cake ideas for 2-year-olds are diverse for girls as well as for boys. You can buy a cake from the bakery or create simple cakes at home. Several themes are simple to accomplish, even if you aren't a master cake designer.

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  1. Create a fantasy birthday cake. Little girls enjoy princesses, princes, castles and unicorns. Make their day special with a double- or triple-decker castle. Use your child's favourite colours. For an extra touch, add a princess on a balcony at the very top. You could also design a flat, one-layer cake with a meadow setting and a princess as the main focus. The princess could have long, golden hair with a crown. Another option is a 3D cake with a unicorn as the main focus--with a prince petting the mystical creature and a princess in the distance. Once the birthday cake is decided, decorate the party with the same type of flair.

  2. Use cake pans as a starting point for this special birthday. Your child may enjoy butterflies, Winnie the Pooh or different animals such as teddy bears or monkeys. Once you locate the pan of your choice, create the cake as you would normally, then decorate the theme accordingly. Use different decorating tools such as a food pen, textured sheets and pastry bags. Change the colour of the icing with food colouring. You can create the Winnie the Pooh outfit or allow the teddy bear to wear a bow tie.

  3. Design a carousel or merry-go-round for your daughter's second birthday party. You can obtain different types of cake moulds to create this special dessert. This would be a three-layered cake, with the base as the bottom layer. Horses, ponies, unicorns or dogs can be the main part of the carousel. The top would be the roof of the merry-go-round, decorated with flowers, ladybirds or rope icing. When you create the carousel, don't forget the knob on top that helps the carousel rotate.

  4. Create a cake with cars, trucks, military or construction vehicles. Little boys love to play with their cars and monster trucks. Use a single-layer cake with an outline of a road with small signs. Create a construction site or a military base. Then use a cake mould to design a large vehicle or a few small ones. Decorate the automobiles with decorating tools and food colouring for various styles.

  5. Design an underwater paradise for your son's second birthday cake. Create a single-layer cake with blue icing. Use a pastry bag to create waves or underwater sparkles. Cake moulds will be helpful in designing sharks, fish and other unusual sea creatures. This can include sea horses, shrimp or mussels. Top off the cake with an underwater cave, buried chest and a sunken ship. With this birthday cake idea, the theme of the party can be an underwater adventure or a pirate occasion. Create a scavenger hunt game to go along with the theme.

  6. Create a dinosaur-themed birthday cake. You can design a two- or three-layered cake for this idea. With a cake mould or dinosaur cake pans, add one or two different types of dinosaurs to each layer. Style the cake with barren lands or grassy meadows. Add cavemen with clubs for an added touch. With your decorating tools, create the dinosaurs any way your child imagines them. Use different dinosaurs as well.

  7. Tip

    Remember to use the birthday cake as the focal point for the celebration. Use party decorations and games around the theme of your child's cake. The cakes are simple to design if you have the correct tools and recipes to follow.


    If your cake-decorating skills are minimal, keep the cake's theme simple.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cake design tools
  • Cake moulds
  • Cake pans

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