How to Keep Curls in Long Straight Hair

Long, straight hair can be wonderful to style----until it's time to create a cascade of curls for a wedding, prom or other special event. Unfortunately, the weight of the hair, especially if it's thick or coarse, pulls down curls and makes it hard to keep a lasting curly style. However, preparing with product and using the right curling methods can help a lot.

Don't wash your hair before you curl it if it's not necessary for your curling method. The natural oils in your hair help hold your style.

Use styling product before you curl. Mixing hairspray and mousse or gel will help curls stay in place. Don't forget to comb the product through your damp hair before curling.

Keep some light-hold hairspray with you when you go out, to refresh any wilting curls.

Use hot rollers. This type of roller works well on long, straight hair. Apply hairspray or curling lotion as you wind the curlers up your hair.

Get a perm. This will keep your curls the longest--however, you won't be able to wash out the curls if you don't like them, and you'll have to deal with it growing out.

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