How to Fold a Peacock Towel

Learning the art of towel folding is a great way to liven up your guest bedroom and bathroom and can be an easy icebreaker when out of town company arrives. Folding towels is common on cruise ships and in fancy hotels.

In fact, many cruise ships now have classes you can join to learn the art of towel folding while on-board. For the sake of the guide, we’ve opted to use different colour towels, but we recommend using towels of the same colour for your own peacock.

Make a fan. Take one of your towels and, using both hands, fold the towel into a fan. Create the fan by switching back and forth on each fold, until you have one long strip of folded layers from your towel.

Create your peacock's tail. Taking your long folded fan and bend it in half so that it looks like a hand fan. Set it aside.

Create the peacock's body. If you’ve done towel folding before you may be familiar with the swan fold. The peacocks body is a basic swan fold. To create the body, take your second towel and place the edge of your knee on the middle bottom section of the towel and begin to twist the two sections on either side of your knee toward the centre. Continue this twisting motion until the two section meet together in a tight seal.

Make the head. Taking this newly twisted form, roll the tip of the body in the opposite direction of the side seam (where the two rolled sections meet).

Fold the loose tail pieces in the opposite direction of the roll, until you have a body and head.