How to Measure Stirrup Irons

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Properly fitted tack and equipment is essential no matter what type of horse you ride or what style of riding you prefer. Things like the quality of your saddle and bridle, the fit of your riding clothes and the condition of the tack you use contribute to your safety and that of your horse. If you ride English, for instance, you need to make sure your stirrup irons fit you properly.

Place the saddle on a sturdy stand or saddle rack. Grasp the stirrup iron in one hand and pull it down to the end of the stirrup leather.

Place a tape measure inside one side of the stirrup iron. Measure the distance across the bottom of the stirrup to the other side. The distance between the branches, or side bars of the stirrup, is the stirrup length.

Measure the ball of your foot, across the fleshy part where your foot will be resting in the stirrup. The stirrup iron should be an inch or two wider than the widest part of your foot.

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