Homemade neck brace

hand-towel image by William Burnett from Fotolia.com

A neck brace, also known as a cervical collar, is used for neck injuries to stabilise the spine and injured area over the time it will take to allow the neck to heal. There are various types of neck braces and they are usually replaced with others at different stages during the healing process. Although a commercial neck brace should be used for serious neck injuries, you can make your own neck brace for emergencies if you cannot get to a doctor right away or if you have a sore neck.

hand-towel image by William Burnett from Fotolia.com

Lay a thin, clean bath towel on a flat surface. Orient the towel so it is wider rather than higher.

Hold the two top corners of the towel and fold the towel in half twice to make it one-fourth the original size. This will make the towel narrow enough to go around your neck comfortably and thick enough to support it.

Use pieces of duct tape to tape the ends of the towels so the towel will not unfold easily as it is being manipulated.

Pick up the towel and wrap it around your neck carefully. The two ends should be at the front of your neck. Pull the towel tightly to immobilise your neck. Make sure not to make it too tight as it can cut off circulation.

Cut small strips of duct tape and secure the two ends of the towel in place to allow the neck brace to stay in place.

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