How to get rid of a goose neck

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The area under the neck can become loose and take on an appearance of a goose neck. There are many factors that contribute to this issue. Sometimes this occurs as a result of genetics, too much fat or looseness of the muscles. When the fat descends along with loose skin, the neck area resembles the neck of a goose. Fortunately, there are various effective, non-evasive methods that can be used to resolve this problem. With a little time and consistency, you can tighten the flab under your neck.

Monitor your daily calorie intake to get rid of a goose neck. Fewer calories will promote weight-loss in your entire body, including your neck area.

Chew sugar-free gum to lift and tighten your jaw and neck muscles. The more you move your facial muscles, the less fat will accumulate under your chin. Chewing will also tighten the loose flab of skin under your neck.

Exercise the Platysma muscle -- the muscle that is responsible for making facial expressions -- by opening your mouth wide. Lap your bottom lip over your lower teeth, working your jaw up and down. Do this for five minutes. Repeat daily to get rid of a goose neck.

Perform facial yoga to tighten the loose neck flab. Rub underneath your jawbone with the first 2 fingers on each hand. Continue to gently rub along your jawbones and below the centre of your chin. Lift your chin upwards and gently massage the neck under your chin. Do this facial yoga twice each week.

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