How to soften an arm cast

BananaStock/BananaStock/Getty Images

Arm casts are made of a tough fibreglass material that protects your arm as it heals from surgery or injury. There is a soft layer of padding between the arm and cast that protects the arm from lacerations and irritation.

There are additional measures you can take to soften your arm cast and make it more comfortable as you heal.

Ask for an extra layer of cast padding. When your cast is applied ask the doctor, nurse or technician who is applying your cast if they can place an additional layer of cast padding underneath the fibreglass. This will allow for more comfort while you are wearing your cast.

Use a sling. A cast can be uncomfortable if the fibreglass rubs up against another part of your body. Placing your affected arm in a sling can provide a buffer between the rest of your body and the cast.

Cut up old socks. Take a pair of old athletic socks and cut the foot and toe portion off so that you just have a tube. Place these over your cast for additional comfort and softness.