How to Re-Grow Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Longer, thicker and fuller eyebrows and eyelashes add beauty to the face. It can be agonising when these hairs start to fall off. Some common factors that contribute are stress, smoking, ageing, overplucking, excess use of make-up products and other health issues. Regrowth can take anywhere between six to eight weeks.

From a healthier diet to cosmetic products, there are many methods that can assist you in regrowing your hair as quickly as possible.

Eat a nutritious diet. The diet should contain fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits and proper vitamins. If you cannot get enough vitamin and protein from your diet, you can take supplements. Dietary deficiencies which may prevent eyebrow and eyelash hair growth can be reduced with a proper diet. Also, eliminate substances like nicotine and caffeine as they adversely affect the hair growth.

Stop regular plucking of eyebrows. During plucking your eyebrow hair gets removed or damaged forcefully. This might stop the normal growth of the hair. Even if you pluck the hair, do so as little as possible, and make sure you remove only the hair on the outside of the skin.

Apply oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil nurture the existing hair and help to grow thicker hair. Massage your eyebrows and the area around eyebrows with any of these oils and apply a thin layer of the same oil on your lashes. Carefully use a cotton swab while applying oil on the lashes, to avoid getting it in your eyes. Try this before going to sleep and repeat this for a couple of weeks until you see noticeable growth.

Use eyebrow and eyelash growth products. Cosmetic products such as serums, growth simulators, and accelerators enhance the growth of hair on eyebrows and eyelashes. To stimulate growth you can also brush your eyelash and eyebrows regularly using an eyelash brush.