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How to fix messy eyelashes

Creating the effect of long, voluminous eyelashes can have a dramatic impact on the way our eyes look. Women have used mascara since the days of ancient Egypt and today there is a wide variety of products to choose from, in different colours and with different applicators. However, choosing the wrong product or applying the mascara incorrectly can leave lashes looking dry, clumpy or smudging under the eyes. Luckily, there are quick fixes that will have eyes looking fresh and feminine in no time.

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  1. Use a lash comb. One of the simplest ways to remove lumps and excess mascara without having to remove your makeup and reapply it is to brush the lashes through with a lash comb. Combing gently and carefully in front of a mirror will help to fix the problem of wearing too much mascara without pulling out any eyelashes by mistake. The comb should be washed between uses for hygiene reasons and to help it work effectively.

  2. Clean a mascara wand. In some cases, it is not until we are already away from home that we realise how messy our eyelashes look or we end up with clumpy eyelashes from reapplying mascara throughout the day. By cleaning a mascara wand, it can be used to remove excess mascara from the eyelashes when a lash comb is not available. The design of many wands will also help to curl the eyelashes.

  3. Curl your lashes. Curling eyelashes before applying mascara is a great way to open up the eyes and make the lashes look longer. However, there can be little time to remove makeup and re-curl when it comes to fixing messy lashes. One way to curl the lashes after removing messy clumps is to press the lashes upwards by placing a clean spoon on the line of the lashes. This method helps to regain the freshly curled look without having to use eyelash curlers on top of mascara and risking them being pulled out.

  4. Apply false eyelashes to cover gaps. Trying to apply or fix eyelashes in a hurry can sometimes cause us to lose some of our natural lashes, particularly when being too rough with eyelash curlers and combs. The fastest way to fix the problem is to apply false eyelashes which to disguise the problem. Keeping a pair of false eyelashes on standby can be a useful addition to any makeup kit.

  5. Avoid further problems. Following a few simple tips will ensure that messy eyelashes do not continue to be a problem. Firstly, ensure that mascara is completely removed at night to prevent them from looking too thick and to avoid dark smudges under the eyes. Another important rule is to avoid dry mascara, a major cause of clumpy eyelashes. Replacing mascara as soon as it becomes lumpy and avoiding pushing the wand in and out of the tube, forcing in air which dries the product, will prevent messy lashes in the future.

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