Plans To Make a Boot Rack

Updated February 21, 2017

Boot racks are good to hang boots on as it helps them dry out more efficiently and keeps dirt off your floor. These racks can be purchased or made yourself, which is cheaper if you have the right materials, tools and know-how.

Materials You Will Need

Five to six pieces of wood will be needed to make the base of the boot rack. The centre pieces of wood that make the part of the boot rack which will hold the pipes that hold up the boots should all be the same length. The other two pieces of wood should line the outside and give the entire rack stability. PVC pipes should be cut to a 1-1/2 to 2 feet in length to be inserted into holes that will be drilled into the wood pieces. Cut all of these to the same length and sand down the ends so the ends of the pipe doesn't harm the interior of the boots when they are inserted on top of them.

Area for Boot Rack

The boot rack you are building should be in an area where there is a lot of space and is near an entrance or exit of a house or in a garage. This way when dirt boots are removed and placed on the rack, the dirt isn't tracked through the house to get to the boot rack. It can also all be isolated to one place. Measure this area where you want to install your homemade boot rack to determine its length, width and height. Keep these measurements in mind when building your boot rack.

Assemble Boot Rack

Drill holes about halfway through the side of the boards that are the same girth as the PVC pipes you have cut. Assemble the base boards with these holes together and place the longer boards along each short side of them to give them stability. Screw the base boards and the boards on the side together with wood screws. Then insert the PVC pipes into the holes, securing them with heavy-duty wood glue. Allow this to dry and then mount your boots on the end of the pipes by inserting the plastic pipe ends into the boot itself.

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