Instructions for a Black & Decker Workmate 400

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The Black and Decker Workmate 400 folds and goes wherever work is needed. The portable bench holds up to 227 Kilogram and boasts a self-contained vice system. The top of the workbench tilts to clamp projects vertically as well as horizontally.

Holes in the front and rear jaws of the vice allow tools to be mounted to the worktop. The workmate 400 can be used at two heights. Folding legs allow the workmate 400 to be either a workbench or a sawhorse.

Remove the parts from the box. The body of the bench is partially assembled.

Pull the bottom of the legs away from the body. The legs swing on hinges. Open until the legs lock into place. Turn the workbench over so that the feet sit on the floor.

Press the release latches on both sides of the top. Place your foot on the lower step and pull the top upward until it locks into place.

Slide the vice guides onto the long vice screws. The vice guides have a round port that fits the vice screws and a female threaded block at the top.

Slide the vice screws into the slotted vice frame on either side of the top. The screws fit so that the vice guides are aligned in the slots in the top of the frame. The unthreaded end of the vice screw must protrude from the end. You will notice a small hole through the unthreaded end of the vice screw.

Push the handle into the larger hole of the crank. Slide the smaller hole onto the unthreaded end of the vice screw. Insert the vice pin through the crank and the hole of the unthreaded end of the vice screw. This holds the crank in place. Use a hammer to make sure that the pin is flush with the handle.

Press the top blocks into the corresponding holes in the front jaw of the vice. The front jaw is the thinner piece with the Black and Decker Logo printed on it.

Align the hole in the top block with the vice guide. Screw a bolt through the vice jaw, top block and into the vice guide on both sides of the work bench.

Place the last two top blocks on the back vice jaw and align the block with the pre-drilled holes on the workbench frame. Insert and tighten these bolts.