How to Keep Bed Slats in Place

David Fischer/Valueline/Getty Images

Wooden bed slats are often used as horizontal supports to hold a mattress in a bed frame and provide support so the mattress doesn't sag or fall overnight. Slats are designed to rest on a narrow ledge just inside the bed frame. If the slats do not fit tightly or are improperly fitted to the bed frame, they can slide around or collapse from bed movement. There are a few modifications you can make to ensure your bed slats stay in place so you can have a good night's sleep.

Slats should be cut to length to fit snugly between the bed rails. If the slats are short or have more than a one-half inch of wiggle room, use small blocks of wood to wedge the slats against the frame.

If the narrow ledges inside the bed frame are too thin, trim two wider pieces of wood to the length of the bed and screw them securely to the bed frame, one on each side. Use these new ledges to rest the bed slats on. A series of blocks added along the ledges can space out the slats and keep them from sliding around.

For a more secure fit, screw the bed slats into place against the side rails. Alternately, you can drill a small hole into each end of the slats as well as a small hole in the bed rail. Slip a screw or nail through the hole to keep the slat from sliding.

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