How to use a bedskirt on a bed with slats

David De Lossy/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A valance can add continuity to your bed and hide under-the-bed storage. When you have a slat bed, using a traditional valance can be difficult. Using ingenuity, you can repurpose a commercial valance and make it work for your bed.

For the best results, use a split-corner valance to minimise the amount of sewing needed. Using this method also will eliminate the shifting and bunching of the valance as the mattress moves.

Use scissors to cut each side of the split-corner valance away from the flat sheeting panel that covers typical box springs. Cut at the seam where the patterned or coloured skirt meets the plain sheeting.

Measure each side of the valance. Cut a length of hook-and-loop fastener to these measurements.

Separate the hook-and-loop fastener strip. Press the hook side of the fastener to the back side of the bed frame, flush with the bottom of the bed slats. Repeat for each length of hook fastener.

Adhere the loop fastener at the top of the front side of the valance pieces, where you cut it from the sheeting. Stitch the fastener with a sewing maching to secure it. Repeat for each valance piece.

Press the loop side of the fastener onto the corresponding hook side that is attached to the backside of the bed frame. Repeat for each of the valance pieces.