Homemade balloon drop

Updated January 13, 2017

Nothing says "celebration" like a cascade of balloons and confetti falling to the ground around you. A balloon drop is an easy project you can easily create yourself with very little cost. It's an effect that is sure to get everyone excited and creates a moment that no one will ever forget.

Easy Construction

You will need two standard, 54 inches by 108 inches, paper tablecloths. A plastic or plastic-lined tablecloth will not work, as this will make it difficult to sew the two together and impossible for your rip cord to work. White tablecloths work best, because they blend well with most ceilings.

Lay the two tablecloths out side by side with the long sides touching, and sew them together with yarn. For a cleaner look, use a hole punch and make holes up one of the long sides of each tablecloth. You can also use a yarn needle to punch the yarn through the tablecloth. Leave enough yarn at the end to reach when the balloon drop is attached to the ceiling--this will be your rip cord.

Attach the tablecloths to the ceiling using strong tape or thumbtacks. Thumbtacks look nicer and will hold better when the cord is pulled. At this point, you will only need to secure three sides to the ceiling, leaving the side opposite the rip cord open. Make sure to let the centre of the tablecloths hang down, leaving enough space between the paper and the ceiling for your balloons.

Fill It Up

Fill the space between the tablecloths and the ceiling with inflated balloons through the open end. A mix of balloon sizes works best, because it will fit together well and allow for more balloons. A variety of colours, sizes and shapes also makes for a more dramatic drop, because the different sizes and shapes will fall at different speeds. You should be able to fit 100 to 150 balloons in the space if you use equal amounts of 5-inch, 9-inch and 11-inch balloons.

For an extra touch, add pieces of crepe paper or handfuls of confetti. Add the confetti to the top of the balloons, so less is able to make its way to the floor before the drop takes place. The confetti will make your after-party cleanup a little more difficult, but the added effect will be worth it!

Once the space is filled with balloons, secure the final side of the tablecloths to the ceiling.

Let Them Drop

When the moment for the balloon drop arrives, simply pull the rip cord and stand back. The two tablecloths will tear apart where you sewn them, letting the balloons drop to the floor. The two table cloths will now be hanging from the ceiling, so you may decide to pull those down as well. If you do, be sure to find the thumbtacks so your guests don't get hurt.

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