Guide to Making Fox Ears

Making fox ears is a fun and simple project that almost anyone can do. With a head band and either paper or cloth, it is possible to quickly make a pair of fox ears that will add festivity to any party or Halloween costume.


If you want to make a simple fox ear set that will last for one use, then a set can easily be made from paper. However, if you want to make fox ears that can be reused, or that are more lifelike, then you will have to make the ears from cloth or fur. Depending on the ear style, the project will take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours.

Make an ear pattern from paper to determine the size of ears for purchasing reasons. Draw a basic triangle on a piece of paper about 8 inches long. Round the top and one of the other angles in the triangle. Add an extra 1 to 2 inches on the other side of the triangle to allow for folding of the ear for a more lifelike effect.


To make a basic fox ear set from paper attached to a head band, you will need a head band, some brown or red cardboard, scissors and glue. To make a fur set attached to a head band you will need some faux fur, scissors, sewing machine, thread, pink or white cloth, scissors and straight pins.

Paper Ears

Measure around the headband to determine how much extra paper you will need to use to cover the band. Add another inch to that measurement so the paper can be glued to the back of the ears. Cut out the pattern from cardboard and cut a smaller ear from a lighter colour of paper for the inside of the ear. Wrap the bottom of the paper around the headband and glue into place. Fold the sides of the ears inward for a more 3D effect.

Cloth Ears

Cloth ears are more difficult to make than paper, but they last longer. Cut the cloth out from the pattern just like for making paper ears. Use the same wraparound measurements. Cut out smaller inserts for the inside of the ears. Match the insides of the two cloths together and sew around the seams. Turn right side out. Take the remaining bottom portion of the ear and wrap around the head band. Hand sew the ear into place. Glue the bottom of the cloth to the headband to prevent the ears from shifting. Fold one side of each ear over a little and hand sew into place.

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