How to Make a Safari Outfit for a Teen

Updated February 21, 2017

Putting together a safari outfit for your teenager that is actually usable, rather than simply a costume pieced together from a costume shop is simple. Khaki trousers and shorts have been used for many years, having originated around 1848. The most difficult part might just be choosing what type of hat your teen wants to go with the outfit -- a leather outback hat, pith helmet or straw panama hat. The rest of the outfit can be put together at any local outdoor outfitter's store.

Find a pair of plain-front khaki trousers or shorts in your teenager's size. An important consideration in differentiating between costume purposes and a real safari is the use of linen fabrics. Light and breathable, linen is superior to cotton in hot climates, where cotton tends to hold onto the moisture of perspiration, while linen wicks moisture away. Cotton fabrics, however, are far less expensive than linen.

Pair the trousers with a clean, white undershirt from your teenager's existing clothing, then a two-pocket button-up shirt. If the button-up shirt is cotton, such as for a costume, it should be put through the wash several times to get a worn-in look. Linen shirts do not require this in most cases, and it is unnecessary for anything but costume purposes when realism is desired.

Complete the costume with a plain brown leather belt with burnished brass buckle and your teenager's choice of head wear. For costume purposes, a pith helmet or leather safari hat is appropriate, but for real use, the best option available is a straw panama hat with a wide brim to deflect the sun's heat and allow the top of the head to be both protected and ventilated. Provide your teenager with brown leather hiking boots to complete the ensemble.


For real safaris, utilise clothing which protects the skin from sun and wind burn, broadly covering the skin, without restricting movement.

Things You'll Need

  • Safari hat
  • Khaki trousers or shorts
  • Khaki button-up shirt
  • Leather hiking boots
  • Brown leather belt
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