How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon

chiffon dress image by Gina Smith from

Chiffon is a fabric made of silk, rayon, cotton, nylon and/or polyester. It is a very delicate material and is often chosen to make formal wear and other dressy outfits. It adds a flow and romantic elegance to garments.

Typically, this type of clothing requires special care for washing and ironing because the fabric is sensitive to water and heat. Using each of these substances in abundance on your chiffon can damage it.

Empty all water from the iron.

Plug in the iron and turn the setting to cool.

Place the chiffon garment on the ironing board.

Place the pillowcase on top of the chiffon.

Iron over the pillowcase in the direction of the thread of the chiffon, smoothing out all wrinkles.