Homemade Space Costumes

Updated April 17, 2017

You'll enjoy your Halloween costume more if you make it yourself, and you'll be less likely to run into people with the exact same costume. A unique homemade costume demonstrates your creativity and ingenuity. And, of course, you can have fun with the process of making the costume. A variety of household materials and inexpensive craft supplies work well for space costumes in particular.


You can assemble an astronaut costume in a variety of different ways, using household materials and some craft supplies. Don't forget essential elements such as a jet pack, space helmet and baggy suit. Begin with white sweat pants or scrubs and a long-sleeved white T-shirt or sweatshirt. Decorate the white T-shirt or Sweatshirt with acrylic paint or coloured sharpie markers. Draw an American Flag and a NASA insignia on the left front of the shirt. Make a jet pack by duct taping together two empty milk jugs or several empty cylindrical oatmeal containers. Cover the surface of your newly assembled jet pack with opaque white, silver, or black acrylic paint. Wear the jet pack with suspenders made of duct tape. Make an astronaut helmet using an old sports helmet or a plastic bucket. If you use an old sports helmet, paint it white with acrylic paint. To use a plastic bucket, cut a large hole in one side as an opening for your face. To break the plastic, use a hammer and nail before cutting into the bucket with wire cutters. Make sure you don't leave any sharp edges; cover the edges with duct tape if necessary. Write "NASA" or "USA" on the helmet with coloured sharpie markers. Finally, wear rain boots as your astronaut shoes.

Space Robot

Find a box large enough that you can stand in it, such as a refrigerator box or large computer box. Cut holes in the bottom, top and sides for your legs, arms and neck. Paint the box's entire surface with silver acrylic paint, or cover the box in aluminium foil. Let the paint try before adding decorations, such as plastic container lids or milk bottle tops for control panel buttons. Use glitter glue pens or sharpie markers to write phrases like "Warning: High Voltage" or "Caution: Rogue Robot." Make antenna by attaching small foam balls to thin wire and wrapping the wire around a headband. Wear grey sweatpants or silver leggings under the box, and walk in mechanical, jerky motions.


Buy a large balloon (at least 36 inches) to cover with paper mache. Use newspaper strips and a glue mixture (three parts glue and one part water) to cover the balloon. Let the paper mache dry and then pop the balloon inside. Use acrylic paint to decorate the balloon as a planet. Use glitter glue pens to add sparkle and detail. Carefully cut holes for arms, legs, and head. Wear silver or black tights under the balloon.

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