How to Make a Tech Deck Skatepark Out of Cardboard

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Making a skatepark out of cardboard for your Tech Deck fingerboard is easy using household objects and tools. A homemade skatepark can be elaborate or as simple as adding just a few ramps and rails.

Determine the size of your skatepark. A couple feet of allotted space is sufficient. Use a large, flat piece of cardboard (posterboard or plywood works as well) to which you will attach the individual pieces.

On a separate piece of cardboard, create measurements for the size of each piece. For instance, on a two-foot-long platform, a proper rail should be around nine inches.

Mark with a pencil where each piece will go. This will show you how much space you have to work with on the surface.

Using a hobby knife, cut out each piece from the sheet of cardboard. For half and quarter pipes, you will need a rectangular piece of cardboard. For a rail, you will need a long thing piece to roll into a triangle. Cardboard tubes from rolls of toilet paper or paper towels work well for small versions of full pipes.

Bend the rectangle of cardboard evenly in half. Then make another crease in the centre of both the top and bottom halves. This will create a curved piece of cardboard on which to lay the cardstock.

With the cardboard bent, set the piece of cardstock on top. If the piece of paper is too long, trim the edges. Line the top of the cardstock to the top of the cardboard. Staple to secure. Do the same to the bottom, ensuring that there is a smooth arc formed by the cardstock. This will create a smooth surface on which the fingerboard can easily slide.

Secure the cardstock to the cardboard by covering each end with a strip of duct tape. Use colourful duct tape to add character to the ramp.

Fold another rectangle of cardboard into three parts until it forms a triangle. Make sure one side is as long as the ramp; this will provide the base for the ramp.

Set the cardboard and cardstock ramp against the cardboard triangle. Secure by stapling the pieces together with the cardboard piece under the layer of cardstock; stapling over the cardstock will disrupt the clean arc.

Take a long, thin piece of cardboard and fold it into three parts until it forms a long triangular tube.

Secure the ends by taping a strip of duct tape where the sides meet.

Lay a Popsicle stick horizontally across one of the ridges of the triangular tube. This will create a railing. Secure the Popsicle stick in place by covering it entirely with a long strip of duct tape. Lay it over the Popsicle stick and onto the cardboard so that the stick sits securely horizontal against the ridge. Silver duct tape will give the rail a metallic appearance.

Once all of the ramps, rails and tubes have been built, set them out on the piece of cardboard where you want them to be secured.

Secure each piece by stapling it to the cardboard. A strong glue can also be used to reinforce pieces.

Decorate the skatepark using markers, paint, and stickers. Stencil pretend graffiti on the sides of the ramps and rails. Paint the ground grey to make it appear like concrete. Customise the park with letters and numbers that represent you.

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