How to Make a Folded Paper Wheelbarrow

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A simple paper wheelbarrow can be filled with paper flowers for a lovely spring decoration or paper leaves for a fall decoration. The wheelbarrow could also serve as a candy dish or a holder for some sweet smelling potpourri. Whatever you decide to use the wheelbarrow for, this craft is fairly easy to make for kids and adults alike. Because making the wheelbarrow requires hot glue, kids should be supervised by an adult during this project.

Put the paper on the table so it sits top to bottom. Fold the paper in half lengthwise and unfold again. Fold the two sides of the paper so that the edges meet in the middle and unfold again.

Turn the paper over and rotate it so it is laid out side to side. Fold it on the horizontal access and unfold it again. Fold the sides to meet in the middle, just as you did when the paper was vertical.

Fold the bottom right corner closer to you to meet the line already formed on the immediate left. Do the same with the corner on the left side. Fold the top corners as well.

Fold the small flap that meets the centre line above the bottom triangles down over the triangles. Fold the upper flap over the upper triangles. Grab the flaps and open them outward to create the box. Pinch the edges and push the corners to make the box square.

Cut the two jumbo Popsicle sticks and the regular Popsicle stick in half. Hot-glue the two regular halves to each side of the back of the box to make handles. Glue two halves of the larger Popsicle sticks vertically to the sides of the box under the handles to make the legs.

Allow the glue to dry before turning the wheelbarrow over. Glue two Popsicle sticks to the button, making them branch out in a V shape. Glue the shape to the bottom of the box to make the wheel. Allow the glue to dry before you set the wheelbarrow down face up.

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