How to Make a Cardboard Limo

Martin Poole/Lifesize/Getty Images

Make a limousine for children's pretend play from a few large cardboard boxes. The cardboard limousine is an easy recycling project that can also be used as a toy storage box when the kids are not pretending to chauffeur each other around.

Make the limo with doors that open for a more realistic make-believe adventure and let the children help decorate the limo with a custom paint job.

Place two large cardboard boxes side by side on your working surface with the top of the boxes facing up. The boxes should be relatively similar in size. Use duct tape to attach the boxes.

Turn the remaining box upside down and place next to the boxes. Cut a hole in the top, centre of the box to make the front seat.

Cut the doors. Measure about one-third of the way from the end of one of the upturned boxes and cut down to about one inch from the bottom of the box. Cut along this bottom line and fold the door to make it open and close. Repeat this step to make one door on the sides of each upturned cardboard box.

Paint the boxes with black or white paint. You can paint the boxes with a paintbrush or take them outside and cover them with spray paint.

Paint six large paper plates black to make the wheels of the limousine. Let the wheels dry and then glue a small, white paper plate onto the centre of each wheel to make the hubcaps.

Cut a large, white rectangle. Choose a front end for the limousine and glue the rectangle to the top front to make the windshield.

Cut four white or yellow circles. Glue two of them to the front, below the windshield, to make headlights. Glue the remaining two circles to the rear of the limousine to make taillights.

Cut a small, white rectangle. Use marker to write a number plate number or vanity number on the rectangle and glue it to the centre rear of the limousine.