Do it Yourself Wedding Swags & Drapes

One easy way to decorate for a wedding is to put swags on tables, chairs and pews. Easy to make, swags and drapes can look elegant or casual, simple or sophisticated. It all depends on the style of your wedding and how much time you invest in making the swags and drapes.

Simple Swags

Swags and drapes can be made out of many different types of materials. The easiest and simplest swags are just tulle, cut in a long piece and draped on a table or the back of a chair. Tie the two ends to the sides of the chair or table and let the tulle hang between them. If you want to add a little more to the swag, place flower petals on the tulle. Some may sink down through the layers, but that is OK. The petals will appear to be floating.

For a bigger swag, drape vines or strands of garland along with the tulle. You could also put flower petals on this one, in the colours of your wedding.

Adding Flowers

If you want full blooms instead of just flower petals, you might want to go without the tulle and just make a drape of greenery. You can buy fake flowers and garlands that look real for a small amount of money. Use twist ties or zip ties to attach the flowers to the swag, making sure the ties do not show. Bundle several flowers into a bunch and attach them on either end of the swag, where it is attached to the chair or table.

Use all one colour and type of flower, or mix and match for a colourful display. This type of swag is good if you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, as it follows the garden theme. You can always add a little tulle to soften the look, if you wish.

Different Types of Swag

If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception at night, consider making a swag of white twinkle lights. Placing several strands together makes for a stunning display. Consider placing one strand of single colour lights in with the white lights, to subtly add your wedding colour to the mix.

If you are in a room with high ceilings, think about placing fabric swags on it. Attach the fabric to the ceiling as close to the middle of the room as possible. Let the fabric drape down a little bit, then attach the fabric at the edges of the room. It will give the room a cosy, tent-like feel. Use a tulle for a soft feel or use a rich colour and fabric for an elegant twist.

You can place a swag or drape on virtually anything. Consider putting swags down the aisle on the pews, on a staircase that you will walk down, or use as a backdrop to your vows.

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