Tips to Adjust Eyeglass Frame

Updated March 23, 2017

There are times when you may need to repair your eyeglass frame yourself. You may notice that over time, they don't fit you as perfectly as they once did, or you may have new glasses that you need to adjust to wear them more comfortably. It is important to know how to adjust eyeglass frames without breaking them. Adjusting your eyeglasses may be possible without having to go to the optometrist.


If the ends of the frame are too tight for the back of your ears, you may want to adjust them. Temples are the edges of the frame that rest on your ears. To do adjust the right temple of the frame, hold the centre of the right frame arm and use your thumb and index finger to push the temples to the right. Adjusting the curvature of the temples can also make them more comfortable to wear on your ears.


Plastic arms may become less taut over time as you repeatedly fold and unfold your glasses. Tighten the screws on the hinges frequently just to make sure that the arms won't come loose unexpectedly. To adjust the screws, you need an eyeglass screwdriver, which are available at optometrists' offices. These are speciality screwdrivers that are small enough to turn the screws on the hinges of your eyeglasses. You may also adjust the arms if you feel that they are lopsided. Focus on one arm first, and with both of your thumbs and index fingers, bend them slightly in an upward or downward direction, depending on your needs.


The bridge is the area between the two lenses that are right above your nose when you wear your glasses. To adjust the bridge, hold the ends of the bridge just before it touches any of the lenses, and slightly add pressure to bend the bridge in a downward or upward motion. Don't make abrupt motions as this may cause your glasses to break.


Sometimes, a lens may become detached from the rim. To reattach it, wash the lens first with soap water and a wash cloth. Set it aside. Then, hold the rim on side from which the lens was detached. Unscrew the hinge to loosen the rim, then gently place the lens back inside the rim. Hold the lens and the rim together, then tighten the screw. Tap the lens to make sure it is snug inside the rim.

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