How to Identify Knockoff Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Sunglasses on the rack image by Michal Ciucias from

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are often reproduced by counterfeiters but buyers can look for the brand's key identifying features to detect fakes. Counterfeit sunglasses might not provide adequate UV protection, possibly causing harm to the unsuspecting wearer's eyes. Authentic Costa Del Mar sunglasses cost upwards of £65 so be wary of any offered for less.

Turn the sunglasses from side to side while looking at the lenses. One of the key features of Costa Del Mar sunglasses is that they only offer polarised lenses. Costa Del Mar polarised lenses will appear black when turned from side to side.

Look at the inside temple of the sunglasses. Laurie Fontenot, a Costa Del Mar representative, says that all of their company's sunglasses have a "SKU" number and the name of the style imprinted in this area. They will also bear the Costa Del Mar logo and the name of the manufacturing site inside the temple.

Check the lenses of the sunglasses. Costa Del Mar sunglasses have virtually glare-free lenses called "580." Authentic sunglasses will have the number "580" etched on the upper outside corner of the right lens.

Look closely at the hinges of the sunglasses. Only stainless-steel hinges are used in all Costa Del Mar eyewear. Counterfeits will often have poorly aligned hinges.

Inspect the overall workmanship of the sunglasses. Any scratches or imperfections in the lenses or finish are indicators that the glasses are counterfeit.

Bring photographs of genuine Costa Del Mar sunglasses with you and compare them to the sunglasses. The photographs can help you spot subtle differences found in knock-offs.

Check the weight. The International Counterfeiting Coalition says that most fakes utilise cheaper materials making them much lighter in weight than originals.

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