How to Change Lenses in Julbo Glasses

Buena Vista Images/Photodisc/Getty Images

Julbo makes high-quality sunglasses for the avid outdoors person. It specialises in glasses made for hiking, running, mountain biking and mountain climbing. Most of its sunglasses have interchangeable frames. This allows the wearer to choose the correct lens for the situation.

Lens types range from bright light to low light, fog and clear lenses. Switching these lenses is simple and can be done quickly.

Hold your glasses in front of you with two hands. As if you were about to put them on.

Hold the edges of the frames in the palms of your hand, leaving your thumbs free.

Gently but firmly press on the centre of both lenses from the inside with your thumbs. The lenses will simply pop out of the small groove in which they rest. The pliability of the frames allows you to perform this action without breaking your glasses.

Press the new lenses into their respective sockets. The correct lens will only fit in one way, so there is no confusing the right and left lens.