Eyeglasses Cable Temple Tips

David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Traditional earpieces for eyeglasses and sunglasses are known as skull temples. These earpieces arch slightly above the upper curve of the ear and hold the glasses in place by applying pressure to the skull directly behind the ear. Generally, these earpieces provide sufficient support and security.

However, some glasses wearers may require cable temples that follow the entire curve of the ear next to the skull and use the ears' shape to hold the glasses in place.

Who Should Wear Cable Temples

Cable temples look like three-quarter circles. This shape prevents the glasses from slipping forward on the face or falling off during highly energetic activities. Children up to age four benefit from cable temples because the bridge of their nose is relatively flat and won't support eyeglass frames. The same is true for small-nosed adults. Cable temples protect glasses from falling off during baseball games or rough games of Red-Rover. Even avid anglers or hunters may appreciate cable temples to protect their expensive polarised sunglasses from an unexpected fall.

Measuring for Cable Temples

For squirmy children or adults who can't make it to an eyeglass shop for a proper fitting, measure the length of your existing glasses to determine the size of your cable temples. Lay the glasses on a piece of paper with the earpieces pointing upward. Mark the location of the hinge. Wrap the paper up and over the curve of the earpiece and mark the tip of the earpiece on it. Use a ruler to measure the distance between these two lines. The rule of thumb for measuring cable temples is to add 20mm or 13/16 inch to your existing skull temple length.

Cable Temples to Fit Your Style

Your child may have spent a great deal of your time picking out the pair of glasses he likes, so you don't want to settle for just any cable temple. In addition, fashion-forward or image-conscious adults may not want to look like they're wearing grandma's glasses. Today, cable temples come in a variety of colours and materials to match any style. Adults may prefer to purchase clear or skin-toned cable temples to make them less noticeable.

Not a DIY Project

While you can purchase cable temples online and install them yourself, they really shouldn't be a do-it-yourself project. Optometry assistants are trained to take precise measurements and install cable temples without damaging the frames, not to mention that aftermarket modification may void any warranty on your glasses. When picking out your frames, ask the optometry assistant if the manufacture offers to install matching cable temples. If the eyeglass warranty doesn't cover the installation, your optometrist may guarantee work performed in the office.