How to Repair BVLGARI Sunglasses

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Beautiful and stylish, your BVLGARI sunglasses are an investment worth your time and effort to repair. When hinges come undone or your sunglasses lose a screw, a do-it-yourself kit can put your BVLGARI sunglasses back to rights in no time at all.

However, when the frames are severely damaged, consider using a professional service that specialises in major repairs. Glasses can be repaired even if they have been snapped in half, so don't despair. Utilise either your local optician or a mail-in service that specialises in getting your frames back into shape.

Purchase a sunglasses repair kit if you need to replace a screw or even a hinge. Repair kits are common and can be found online or in any chemist. Replace a missing screw by using the small screwdriver and screws that come with your kit. Hinges are a bit more tricky but can be replaced by ones supplied in a kit or by taking them off of another pair of sunglasses.

Repair the bridge of your BVLGARI sunglasses by taking a bridge from another set of glasses. Superglue is the best way to keep the bridge in place until you can get the sunglasses to a repair centre.

Mail in your sunglasses to a repair centre such as Decor My Eyes that specialises in broken bridges, tilted frames, or snapped ear rails. Either call or use the repair service's website to obtain an order number. Pack your sunglasses in tissue and a crushproof box and mail to the service centre along with the order number. Generally, these web sites will quote you a price before you ship your BVLGARI sunglasses off to be repaired and charge a relatively low shipping and handling fee.

Repair scratches on your lens by using a scratch repair kit. These inexpensive kits will not make the scratch disappear entirely, but it will make it considerably less noticeable. Apply the repair liquid to your scratch and polish once it is dry.