How to put Ikea clip frames together

Wikimedia Commons

Ikea's clip frames give artwork or photographs a simple, modern look. Clip frames hold your art flat between a pane of glass and an unseen backboard. In true Ikea minimalist fashion, the clips that hold the frame together are barely visible.

Since clip frames are easy to take apart and put back together, you can change your framed artwork whenever the mood hits.

Slide off the metal clips, and remove them from the glass pane and backboard to take the frame apart.

Mount a photograph or artwork on top of the backboard. Make sure the artwork is centred and even.

Place the glass pane on top of the artwork and backboard.

Assemble the frame by attaching the hook end of the clip to the top of the glass, and insert the opposite end of the clip into the hole on the back of the frame. Repeat for each clip.