Clothes to Wear to Dance Clubs

When heading out for a night at the dance club, just about anything goes in the way of clothing. You want to stand out from a crowd, while staying comfortable enough to dance until the wee hours. While some dance clubs enforce a dress code, it usually means no baggy jeans and dressing to impress.

Jackets for Men

The dress code is usually enforced more tightly for men than for women. Most dance clubs don't allow baggy jeans or hoodies. Try bootcut dark jeans, a buttoned shirt in a bright colour and a sports jacket. This look says that you are sophisticated and fashionable, but still have a unique sense of style.

Dresses for Women

Women typically have more leeway in deciding what to wear to a dance club. Dresses are popular, and it is fine to show a little more skin than you would normally. Look for dresses that include at least two per cent spandex so that they move with you as you dance. Wear skinny jeans and a low-cut top for a more casual look.


While men can get away with clean, white sneakers at the dance club, some dress codes will ask men to wear dress shoes. Look for shoes with modern, European styling like a square toe, without laces. Women should wear pumps. Knee-high boots give you a cool vibe, and may be more comfortable than heels. Rather than new shoes, choose comfortable shoes that you can dance in.


Men should wear a classic watch and a thin chain. Women should carry a clutch, which stays firmly under your arm and looks chic with your outfit.

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