How to make a bollywood costume

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The term "Bollywood" refers to a famous part of India where the film industry is booming. Mumbai, India, is home to thriving cinema and Indian movie stars. "Bollywood" also refers to the Indian film industry as a whole, regardless of where the film originated. Bollywood stars speak in Hindi, Urdu or English.

Clothing worn in Bollywood films has influenced fashion in people of all ages. Bollywood costumes are simple to make at home. Wear a sari, which is the cornerstone of Bollywood fashion. If you don't have an Indian friend who can loan you her sari, and you don't want to order one online, consider making one yourself.

Wear a T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt or tank top. Make sure that this is form-fitting and hugs your body. It should also coordinate with the material you decide to wear on top. The more cropped this shirt, the better; aim for one that falls right under your bust. Also, decide how much of your arms you want to show, because this shirt will be the only article of clothing covering your arms.

Put on an A-line skirt that's on the long side instead of being a short or mini skirt. Your sari will wrap around your skirt, so you don't have to worry about the colour, design or material of the skirt you wear.

Purchase material to wrap around you as your sari. You can choose whatever colour or pattern you like, no matter how exotic or bold the design is. You can also purchase plain material and embellish it yourself with fake jewels and sequins. Make sure to buy enough fabric so that it will wrap around your skirt once and be draped over your shoulder.

Pin the sari in place so that it covers your shirt and doesn't shift throughout the night.

Adorn your feet in simple sandals. To dress them up a bit, attach plastic jewels or beads. Paint your nails to coordinate with the colours of your sari.

Bejewel yourself with a gold anklet, tons of thin bangle bracelets, thin gold earrings that dangle and a gold nose ring. You can purchase a fake gold nose ring if you don't have your nose pierced. Also, place a red dot in the centre of your forehead, or purchase a bindi.