What to Wear to an Egyptian Wedding

Egyptian jewels image by JoLin from Fotolia.com

An Egyptian wedding is a great celebration where even strangers (such as Americans) are invited to celebrate with the family and friends. Egyptian weddings also follow many of the traditions from centuries ago, when wedding contracts were first observed.

It is imperative to dress appropriately at an Egyptian wedding, so as not to disrespect the couple or their families.


Women should wear traditional Egyptian dress. Egypt is mostly home to Muslims and Christians, and both religions frown on women showing too much skin. Do not wear shorts as they are regarded as underclothes. Opt for a long, flowing cotton skirt that falls below your knees or loosefitting cotton trousers. Skin-tight clothing is considered provocative and disrespectful.

Cover your shoulders, chest and belly area with a loose fitting button-up top or T-shirt. Wearing a sarong is perfectly acceptable. It is acceptable to wear spaghetti straps or more revealing tops if you wear a neutral-coloured (flesh-tone) turtleneck underneath.

Wear a decorative cotton scarf around your neck, and use it to cover your head and hair if most of the other women in attendance do the same. This will please the Egyptians as they will feel that you are respecting them and their culture. If you are still in doubt, wear something nice that doesn't show any skin or ask a friend or relative who is familiar with the culture and traditions what she is wearing.


Cotton trousers or trousers with a cotton button-up or polo shirt is acceptable for an Egyptian wedding. Bring along a cotton sports coat if you feel out of place at a wedding without a suit. Do not wear shorts, no matter how "casual" the wedding seems, as shorts are frowned upon for men as well as women.


If your children are attending an Egyptian wedding with you, model their outfits after your own. Add a hat or scarf around your daughter's hair if she has blond or light-coloured hair, as the Egyptians will touch her hair.