Men's bedroom decorating ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

When decorating a bedroom for a man, the contemporary style is a fine choice. This is due largely to the fact that contemporary style decorating ideas focus on a clutter-free environment and modern fabrics paired with sleek furniture and simple artwork. It aims to create a soothing and easy-to-care-for room without frills.


For a contemporary style bedroom, purchase a suite of furniture with clean lines and little embellishment. Black or natural wood tones work well with the contemporary look.

Purchasing a complete matched suite of furniture unifies the room better than a mix of furniture pieces does, and provides a blank canvas in which to begin decorating.

Buy a king-size bed. King-size beds are the largest beds in regard to length, which is more comfortable for taller men. A bed of this size also acts as a focal point in the room.

Place a sleek chest at the foot of the bed. This provides a place to store extra blankets.

If there is wall space opposite the bed, consider mounting a flat-panel television to the wall. If this isn't possible, try adding an entertainment centre. In contemporary design, electronics often take the place of art in a room.


The colour scheme for the bedroom of a man needs to be soothing but still masculine. Blues, greens, greys and blacks work best. Browns can be used, but they normally work best as an accent colour unless they are a rich chocolate or are paired with white.

Bed linens should consist of basic bedding along with a comforter, bed skirt and pillow shams. Purchase a matched set for the most cohesiveness. When purchasing a bed skirt, look for one that is tailored as opposed to ruffled. This is more masculine and more fitting in a contemporary bedroom.

Window treatments should consist of tailored drapes and valance. Blinds can also be used, but drapes add an air of refinement and softness that is more relaxing in a bedroom.


Abstract art for walls makes a contemporary statement, as do black and white landscape prints. If the man has favourite photographs, consider having them enlarged and printed in grey-scale. Matted and framed, these prints can be used as inexpensive artwork.

When the chosen colour scheme is grey, black or white, consider a large piece of coloured artwork over the bed. In a cool colour scheme, a bit of colour is usually necessary to prevent the room from feeling drab and sombre.

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