What to write in yearbooks

Updated April 17, 2017

High school teenagers don't really think about a yearbook in a sentimental way. But as the years go by--going to college, starting a career, getting married and starting a family, those chance encounters of coming across your high school yearbooks are special. It is fun to look back on your high school years and even share what other classmates had written in your yearbook with family and friends.

A Heartfelt Message

Many teens sign yearbooks with a special message that comes from the heart. It can be wonderful all those years later to read the heartfelt comments. Heartfelt messages can say: "Stay sweet" or "Good luck in all your endeavours."

It is even more special when the messages say something that connects the two classmates personally, such as a reference to a trip they went on together or the good times at band camp.

An Appropriate Message

People remember who the class clowns were through high school, and it can be amusing to go back through your yearbook to see the zany comments the class clowns wrote. Messages should correspond with the traits that the person signing the yearbook will be remembered for. A class clown may make reference to some of the crazy things he's done through school. A best friend may take up a whole page with a message to remind the person of their special friendship.

Just don't forget that everyone reads everyone else's yearbook comments, so don't write anything that might hurt someone else's feelings. Be respectful and keep the message about each other.

A Funny Message

Be creative with a message. Write something on more than one page and send the reader on an adventure looking for all the messages. Write "(name inserted) was here," along with a joke or a playful jab at a friend. Recall a funny moment that was shared that will bring a smile to your classmate's face years down the line.

Contact Information

After writing a clever message, don't forget to sign the message clearly and include any contact information if you want to stay in touch after school. There is nothing more frustrating than to look back at your yearbook and not be able to read a signature. The point is to be remembered. In most cases, people end up not staying in touch after high school and great friendships are merely a fond memory. Take advantage of the contact information that friends leave. It could lead to a lifelong friendship.


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