French adult party games

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Why not try some French themed party games when entertaining a party of adult guests? It can be fun, as well as involving, engaging and challenging your guests. Quiz guests on their knowledge of France, or why not try a light-hearted yet sophisticated Louvre themed art competition and attempt to emulate work of artists like Manet, Monet or Boudin for example? Include a Moulin Rouge themed dancing competition, and maybe taste different bottles of French wine, challenging guests to identify the most expensive one. A little creativity could create some brilliant entertainment.

France general knowledge quiz

Test and educate knowledge of party guests with a quiz on facts about France. If there are many guests maybe arrange into teams or groups in order to create an enthralling competition. Choose from a variety of subjects including history, geography, sport and culture. Start with simple questions such as asking in which city was the Eiffel Tower built to catch attention, perhaps moving to more complex ones such as where did Vincent Van Gogh paint his last works? This will test, tax and hopefully entertain a wide variety of adults for a period of time.

Louvre art challenge

Inspire an adult party with a Louvre themed art competition. Invite guests to paint pictures simply using paper, paint and paintbrush. Create potential masterpieces and mimic French styles and artists. From the impressionist styles with such as Monet, Romantic expressive art from artists like Eugene Delacroix to the provocative elegance of Toulouse-Lautrec this game could literally bring a party to life, whilst creating mementos of the occasion. Complete the game and place the pieces around the party creating a Louvre type scene, and ask guests to vote for a winner.

Moulin Rouge dance competition

Square off against each other with a Moulin Rouge themed dance competition. Moulin Rouge is arguably the most famous cabaret and dance hall in the history of France, noted for flamboyant outfits, acrobatic and risque dance moves. Encourage guests to dress accordingly, and play contemporary music from the Baz Luhrmann motion picture, or authentic music of the late 19th century such as the can-can. Why not try a challenge of who could do the best cartwheels or splits? Involve the can-can itself for a simpler dance most should be able to manage.

Guess the value wine tasting game

Check the sophistication of the palate of the party with a wine testing game. Purchase three bottles of wine of the same type; red, white, or possibly even champagne. Pick one bottle at a low price, the next one at a medium price and the third at a higher end price. Offer a sample of each bottle to see who can guess the cheapest and most expensive wine. This should be fun, and could surprise some of the party.

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