Sports Assembly Ideas

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A sports assembly is a kind of pep rally that is focused on school sports. Its goal is to raise school spirits and student interest in sports teams. Make your sports assembly the talk of the school year with a variety of motivational, inspiring and funny ideas. Whether your school produces consistent winners or teams simply happy to compete, a good sports assembly can make everyone interested in your school's teams.

Sports Leaders of the Past Speeches

Have team captains of the past make speeches to inspire other athletes and the entire school. Invite sports stars from years past to speak to the assembly about what playing high school sports gave them and what they have since learnt. Encourage them to speak about the importance of competition and drive, but also the life lessons that playing on a team taught them. Consider having current team captains introduce them to the audience and ask them questions.

Funny Dating Game with Players

Make the audience laugh by organising a phoney dating game with your school's star athletes. Have the three "bachelors" sit side by side on the stage. Have the "mystery date" hidden off to the side, asking funny questions of each bachelor, such as "If you were ice cream what flavour would you be?" or "How would you introduce yourself to my mother?" Give the questions to the contestants beforehand so they can come up with funny answers. Remind contestants to keep their answers clean and appropriate for school.

Role Reversal Cheerleading

Nothing makes people laugh like the sight of burly football players doing cheers. Encourage school spirit by having the football team take over cheerleading duties for the assembly. Dress the players up in skirts and tank tops and give them pom poms. Have them come on stage and do some of the squad's classic cheers. If they are able, encourage them to form a human pyramid.

Pie à la Coach

Assemble all of the school's coaches on stage. Give each one a balloon containing an instruction. Coaches take turns popping their balloons and following the instructions inside. Make sure the first few are funny tasks such as doing jumping jacks or singing a song. For the final balloon, make the note say "Get a pie in the face." Time it so just as the coach reads the instruction, a player sneaks up behind him and gives him a pie in the face.

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