Purpose of School Assemblies

Jouer du piano image by MarieMag from Fotolia.com

For students, a school assembly might be an opportunity to miss class and socialise with their peers. However, school assemblies are more than just a distraction from the school-day routine. Assemblies serve a number of purposes, whether they are entertaining, educational or inspirational.

Teachers and school administrators should plan assemblies that capture students' attention and send them home with an important message.

Build School Spirit

A school assembly can take the form of a pep rally to build students' school spirit. Common in high schools, these assemblies include performances by cheerleaders and speeches by athletes and coaches. The purpose of these assemblies is to drum up support for an upcoming sporting event and encourage students to support their peers and root them on. A sense of pride in the school can improve students' relationships with one another, along with their mindset in the classroom every day.

Showcase Talent

School assemblies can give students the opportunity to share their talent with the entire school. A talent show can showcase both individual and class performances. Allow talented students to sing, dance or play an instrument, and encourage classes to develop skits or sing songs as well. This type of assembly encourages students to pursue activities outside of the classroom and gives them an opportunity to share their interests with their peers.

Educate Students

School assemblies can educate students outside of the classroom. Find student-focused organisations to come to the assembly and share their message with students. For example, Students Against Drunk Driving has several campaigns and activities relevant for all ages. Elementary students can learn how to combat bullying and violence in schools, middle school students can learn about the dangers of drugs, and high school students can hear about the risks of underage drinking. Such topics help to educate students in real-world issues and prepare them to confront these issues and make the right decisions.

Celebrate Holidays

School assemblies allow all grade levels to gather and celebrate upcoming holidays. The drama club or selected students can put on a Christmas pageant for the school to enjoy. If students wear costumes on Halloween, let them show them off during an assembly costume contest. Encourage students to speak about gratitude at a Thanksgiving-themed school assembly. Tying the assembly into upcoming holidays allows students to enjoy some festive holiday celebration during the school day.

Distribute Awards

Send students into summer with an assembly awards banquet. At the high-school level, recognise graduating seniors who earned scholarships---or all students who are pursuing higher education. Elementary and middle school assemblies can award students who are the top performers in each subject. Alternatively, the awards banquet can focus on teachers, giving them annual awards from their students that show their gratitude.