How to Ask a Girl What She Wants for Her Birthday

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You want to ask a girl what she likes. Girls like to be surprised on their birthdays so you don't want to be too specific. Don't put yourself in a position of specifically asking her what she wants only to find out you can't afford it. Get to know the girl. Pay attention to some of the places she likes to go or foods she likes to eat. Be creative and unique with your birthday gift. Girls will generally love anything you give them because you thought enough of them to give them something on their special day.

Talk to the girl and find out some of the things she likes to do and places she likes to go. Bring the subject up in general conversation. Ask her what she received for her birthday in the past that she really liked. Think of gifts in terms of affordability. Purchasing a gift card from one of her favourite places is always an excellent gift idea.

Ask the girl to list her birthday wishes on a piece of paper and return it to you. This will give you a few choices of gifts she would like to receive for her birthday. Get an idea of things she might like for her birthday from friends and family.

Participate in group conversations. Walk up to the girl as she is talking with mutual friends and use that to your advantage to ask her what she wants for her birthday. She may feel more comfortable discussing what she wants among other peers. Make eye contact whenever possible and speak with confidence.

Approach a girl when she appears to be in a good mood. Body language is a good indicator for when to approach a girl. Watch for her to smile or glance at you. If she waves at you, she is more than likely open to talk to you. Use the opportunity to walk up to her and ask her what she wants for her birthday.

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