How to meet girls at university

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In addition to being a place of learning, a university is a place where men and women go to socialise and meet one another. A university will typically have a number of different settings that allow you to meet women, such as the classroom, a group function or a university-run bar or cafe. To meet a girl you just have to be willing to get the conversation started, and although this can be difficult at first, with a bit of practice you'll be meeting interesting women across your campus.

Meet a girl in a class that you share. Because you're both attending the same class, you at least have one thing in common that you can talk about. To get the conversation started, sit near or beside the girl that you'd like to meet. Ask her a simple question, such as "What do you think of this class?" or "What do you think of the professor?"

Join a club or association that you are interested in. When you're part of a group, you'll meet lots of different people all participating in the same activity. To meet a particular girl, talk to her about your shared interests in the club or association you are part of. For example, if you're both part of an intramural floor hockey team, ask her what her favourite hockey team is to get the conversation started.

Go to a university-run bar or cafe to meet girls. Some universities hold singles nights at bars and cafes, so keep your eye out for notices about these events around campus. Try going to a bar or cafe with a friend so that you feel more relaxed about meeting others. Once there, offer to buy a drink for the girl that you'd like to get to know better.

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