What hair moisturizer to use for growing an afro

Updated February 21, 2017

Growing an afro hairstyle does not differ much from maintaining many other hairstyles. To keep your afro looking neat and to keep your hair from drying out and becoming damaged, it is essential that you keep your hair and scalp moisturised. Certain types of moisturisers are superior to others when it comes to maintaining afros.

Oil Lotions and Sheens

Oil lotions and sheens such as ones by hair care companies Soft & Beautiful, Dark & Lovely, Dudley's and Luster's are effective at keeping afros moist and manageable. Some brands of oil lotions include additives such as shea, tea tree, marula or olive oil. If your hair is on the thinner side, try a light oil moisturiser to avoid your hair from being weighed down.

Hair Milk

Hair milks are lighter on the hair than oil lotions, don't contain petrolatum or mineral oils, and are thinner in consistency. Carol's Daughter and Mixed Chicks hair product brands both make hair milks that can be bought online, and Carol's Daughter is also available at Sephora and speciality retail stores.

Natural Oils and Sprays

For an everyday moisturiser and styling aid, you can use natural hair oils and sprays. Coconut oil can be bought from health food stores or speciality hair suppliers, and when used sparingly will not weigh your hair down. Natural olive, sweet almond, and marula oils are also great daily hair moisturisers that come in both spray and bottled oil form.

Scalp Treatments

It is important to not only dress your hair, but your scalp as well when you have an afro. At least once a week, or however often is needed, part your hair into 1-inch sections and apply scalp grease or oil. Scalp treatments containing tea tree or olive oil are especially moisturising, and tea tree helps combat dandruff as well.


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