Game Ideas for Playing Pictionary or Charades

Written by jennifer eblin
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In the game of charades, players take turns acting out different words, names and phrases, while other players try to guess the correct answer. Pictionary is a similar game, except that the players draw pictures, instead of acting out the answer. Use game ideas for Pictionary and charades at your next party to get the guests involved in a group activity.

Telephone Version

The game of telephone involves passing along a message through a group of people. The first player whispers a phrase to one player, who whispers it to the next player. The phrase keeps going down the line until the last player receives the message and announces it the group. Players get a kick out of hearing the last version compared to the original phrase. Use the same idea for charades or Pictionary. The first two players go into a separate room and act out a phrase or draw a picture. The player making the guess then acts out or draws his answer to the third player. Each player won't know if he answered correctly until the last player guesses.

Team Play

For team play, divide the players into two equal size teams and give each team small slips of paper. The teams come up with a series of characters, names, books, and other titles and write each on a separate slip of paper. The first team must pick a leader who draws one of the slips of paper the second team submitted. The leader acts out or draws the subjects for his team to guess. The second team follows suit. Set a time and let the teams act out answers to see which one can find the most answers in that time period.

Holiday Games

Turn charades or Pictionary into a holiday game by using words and phrases relating to a specific holiday. For a Christmas party, use words such as "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer", "Santa," and "candy cane." Use teams or for smaller groups, let one player act out or draw an answer at a time. The person that answers correctly the most number of times is the winner.

Theme Night

Host a theme night in which all responses relate to a specific topic. Hold a movie night, actor night or even a politician night. All of the answers used in the game must fit the theme. Let guests know the theme ahead of time and ask them to bring a few possible answers for the game.

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