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How to Play the Slipper Game

Updated March 23, 2017

Many little girls dream about a Cinderella fairy tale life and with the Cinderella's Slipper Game, those dreams can become reality, at least during play time. The game comes with a glass slipper on a cushion, a colourful board, four Cinderella pieces, one die and 20 cards. It allows girls to collect invitations, horses, the coach, footman, coachman and a ball gown, and to gain advice from the fairy godmother. The lucky winner gets to go to ball as a princess. By using a bit of imagination and following instructions, players can experience what the life of a princess, Cinderella, is all about.

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  1. Lay all the pieces of Cinderella's Slipper Game out on the floor, table or bed.

  2. Turn the cushion upside down and put in 3 AA batteries. Then, turn it on using the On/Off button and place it upwards in the middle of the board.

  3. Give each player a Cinderella figure--which is the piece they will move around with--or have them choose their own piece. The base of each Cinderella piece is a different colour. Place all Cinderella pieces at the start on the board, indicated by an arrow.

  4. Arrange cards by colour in separate stacks near the board. You will have five stacks in total, each stack consisting of four cards. Each colour of cards has a picture on it relating to pictures on the board.

  5. Choose a player to start. The instructions on Cinderella's Slipper Game suggest choosing the player with the nearest birthday.

  6. Throw the die when it is your turn to go. Move your Cinderella piece in the direction of the arrow by the number of places as directed by the die.

  7. Look at the space your Cinderella piece has landed on. If it contains an image of an envelope, pumpkin, mice, Major and Bruno or Cinderella as a servant, choose a card from the stack with the same image on it. Place the card in front of you, with the illustration facing upwards, without turning it around. You may only take a card from each stack once, even if you land on this image again.

  8. Press the glass slipper if you landed on the space with the fairy godmother image on it. If the slipper starts blinking lights and playing music, you may turn over one of your cards. According to game instructions, "As if by magic, this 'transforms' the card into one of the special things Cinderella needs to go to the ball." However, if after pressing the slipper, you hear a clock strike rather than having blinking lights, you may not turn over any of your cards.

  9. Throw the die again when it's your turn and move ahead by that number of spaces.

  10. Move your Cinderella piece one space ahead if you land on a space which is already occupied by another player's Cinderella piece. If that space is occupied as well, move one more space ahead until you land on an empty space.

  11. Play the game until one of the players collects and transforms the invitation, the coach, the horses, the footman and the coachman, and the ball gown. This happens when all five cards are collected and turned over when the fairy godmother allows it. This winner is the Cinderella who gets to go to the ball.

  12. Tip

    Two versions of this game exist: the Enchanted Slipper game and the Glass Slipper game, which follow the same directions and contain the same pieces. The only difference is an alteration to the illustrations and the board, the Glass Slipper board is round while the Enchanted Slipper board is a four leaf clover shape with more spaces to move around on and with designated places for the cards. This game is for players ages four and up, and requires two to four players.


    Always supervise young children who are playing this game.

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Things You'll Need

  • Cinderella Slipper game
  • 3 AA batteries

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