Year 12 Graduate Assembly Theme Ideas

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Graduating from high school is a memorable moment before kids move on into the world. Giving a memorable graduate assembly that each student will always remember is a great way to energise them and lead to the future. Having a theme gives students something to look forward to and gives a fresh new look to any graduate assembly.

Celebrity Speakers

Invite a speaker who has made an impact on people's lives or a celebrity speaker who is willing to come out and share her life story at the graduate assembly. The options are wide and versatile, such as a book author, musician, business motivator, famous athlete or Hollywood actor. Each speaker chosen can give insight to the building blocks of life, fame, money, work and personal experiences that can enrich the students' lives.

Spirit of Volunteerism

Invite a volunteer organisation spokesperson from organisations such as the International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) to your graduate assembly. This gives each graduating student an opportunity to think in broader terms and to contemplate possibilities of volunteering to make a difference in the world. The IVHQ provides the chance to travel abroad to assist in developing countries in education, information and help in both medical and labour assistance. Having a volunteer organisation as the theme to the graduation assembly gives the students pause for thought about how they can spend their vacation time helping others in need.

Spirit of Giving

Having a graduation assembly theme of "Giving Life" is an idea that teaches humility, responsibility and character for students who will soon be leaving the doors of school and heading out into the world. Setting up the cafeteria or the gym to accommodate the Red Cross would be an excellent way of giving blood that is always needed. After a Red Cross speaker gives her speech at the assembly, everyone can then proceed to the room or gym that has already been set up to donate blood. Provide a drink and snack buffet to keep up the strength of those who donated.

Senior Talent Assembly

Hold a talent show or a skit theme for the graduate assembly. There are many options available for talent shows. One idea would be to have the senior band compete with the junior band for fun. If the school has dance classes, incorporate a dance theme into the assembly. Other ideas would be to have a skit theme based on "Life's Journey from Kindergarten to Senior" that shows the student's journey towards graduation. Be sure to make invitations and flyers ahead of time to include the community and parents for the graduate assembly and show.

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