How to Join an Airsoft Team

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Airsoft players group together in teams to practice their favourite extreme sport. Members of the teams compete in simulated combat battles with imitation firearms. These weapons fire plastic pellets at high velocity in a similar fashion to their real-life counterparts. Airsoft battles usually take the form of team events because a single match between two players, commonly known as a duel, does not last long or require much planning. Any player may join an airsoft team, but the responsibility of accepting a new member rests on the current players in the group.

Visit your local airsoft or paintball arena. These businesses typically appear in your local phone directory. offers a listing of arenas by state, and most paintball centres promote airsoft teams as well.

Check the centre’s public boards or sign-up sheets. Most centres offer a notice board solely for posting notices about recruiting teams or players looking for teams. Some may even have a sign-up directory with contact information for all competition-level groups.

Contact the airsoft group’s leader and let her know that you would like to join the team. List your qualifications, such as awards or contests entered and won, and your dedication to the sport. Many teams like to recruit brand new players to the sport since such players can more easily adapt to the group’s tactics and rules.

Match your schedule to the training and event times of the team. A player may technically be considered a team member as soon as he is on their roster list, but he won’t be around for long if he fails to attend required training or matches.

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