Wii Balance Board Troubleshooting

Updated April 17, 2017

The Wii balance board is an integral part of games like "Wii Fit Plus," "EA Active Fitness" and "Sean White's Snowboarding." Occasionally, you may have problems getting the Wii console to recognise the Wii balance board, or the balance board may not function properly within a game. There are a few ideas that you can try when troubleshooting problems with your balance board before calling Nintendo Customer Support.

Wii Won't Recognize the Balance Board

Only a few games require you to use the Wii balance board. Check the game's box or case for the Wii balance board icon, a small blue picture of the board, to ensure that the game is balance board compatible. If the game is not compatible, the Wii will ignore the balance board.

Balance Board Light Keeps Blinking

Check the batteries in the Wii balance board. The balance board drains batteries quickly, so you need to change the batteries more frequently than with the Wii remotes. Turn on the balance board and press the "Home" button on the Wii remote. The battery indicator for the board will appear in the "P4" icon on the bottom of the screen. If the battery level is weak, change the batteries.

If the battery level is strong, resync the balance board. Remove the battery cover on the back of the balance board and press the red "Sync" button. A blue light on the balance board will begin blinking. Quickly go to the Wii console and open the small SD card slot under the Wii's disc drive. Press the red "Sync" button above the SD card slot while the blue light on the balance board is still blinking. If the Wii is correctly synchronised with the balance board, the Wii balance board light will stop blinking and stay blue.

Wii Won't Detect My Movements Correctly

The Wii balance board must be properly positioned for it to mirror your body movements. Make sure the blue power light on the Wii balance board is facing away from the TV. Ensure that no item, like carpet or toys, is pressed against the bottom of the balance board.

My Weight Is Wrong

In Wii fitness games, like "Wii Fit Plus," the balance board is used as a scale to track your weight. If your weight is substantially higher or lower than what it should be, check the surface that the Wii is sitting on. If you are using the balance board on deep, plush carpet or an uneven surface, the Wii will record an incorrect weight.

Included with each Wii balance board is a set of foot extensions. Take these small disks and push them into the foot marks on the four corners of the balance board. When installed correctly, the foot extensions will act as small legs holding the balance board off of the floor.

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